October 29, 2023, 6pm at Navel, Los Angeles

I’ll be playing Two of Pentacles as part of a showcase of cross-genre contemporary works by four different artists from LAPP’s ACCELERATOR Program.

Featuring: Future Human Support Positions by Chelsea Zeffiro, Untitled Sisters Project by Mireya Lucio, Two of Pentacles by Daniel Corral, and Object Permanence by Daria Kaufman. ACCELERATOR is a program of LAPP which builds a community of independent artists who are actively seeking to resource and develop a current project.

Polytope at 2220 and Candoro at Music for Your Inbox

Polytope @ 2220 Arts + Archives

March 5, 2023

2220 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057


Join me at 2220 Arts + Archives this Sunday, when I’ll be joined by Erin Barnes, Cory Beers, and Andrew Lessman in performing Polytope, my microtonal quartet for Launchpad Pros with live feed videoSquash & Biscuit will also perform. 

I hope you can make it!

Candoro @ Music for Your Inbox

Order/subscribe by March 15, 2023

Online video/sound piece
Music for Your Inbox

As part of the development process for a collaboration with Alexander Gedeon and DaEun Jung, I made a 13 minute video/sound piece for Music for Your Inbox called Candoro.

Inthis video, the soundscape around the Candoro Marble Company in Knoxville, TN is treated with JI magical realism, echoing the surreal navigations of our three bodies around the physical space of the building’s Beaux-Arts architecture.

The video was shot during our time at the Loghaven Artist Residency last September.

4 for 20 premiere at Automata, December 17, 2022

On December 17 at Automata, I’ll be joined by Erin Barnes, Cory Beers, and Andrew Lessman in premiering my piece 4 for 20!

8pm – Door
8:30pm – Performance

Automata LA
504 Chung King Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90012

$15 / $18

4 for 20 began as a sketch for a concept I’m developing for my upcoming COLA IMAP performance in June, 2023. The piece creates a contemplative space through a series of gradually changing chords on 20 just-intonation chimes. These chords manifest through shifting polyrhythms connected to the frequency of each chime.

This piece continues my 8 years of making just-tuned chimes, as well as my gradual descent into the wooly world of Erv Wilson microtonality. The chimes are tuned to a 1•3•5•7•9•11 Eikosany, and each musician plays 5 of them.

Dislike and Elvis

I led my first pandemic-era performances on Saturday night:

A live stream version of my 2013 piece Dislike as part of CultureHub LA’s Re-Re-Generation.

The next performance of my music will be on November 14, 2020.

REDCAT will present an online event featuring Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage and Count In.

Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage is a collaboration with Alexander Gedeon and the Now Hear Ensemble, and Count In is a video piece.

Canon in Am

I was recently asked by pianist Lorenzo Marasso to write a short piano piece in response to Bach’s Invention #13 in Am. My piece is cleverly titled Canon in A Minor. It’s a strict canon at the octave, with the two voices one 16th note apart from each other.

Lorenzo will play Canon in A Minor along with pieces by 14 other composers this Sunday 7/26 at 6pm, live-streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage, Oct. 18!

I’m collaborating with Alexander Gedeon and the Now Hear Ensemble on a piece I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, titled Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage.

We will premiere CHFES on October 18 at Automata!

CHFES combines live music and theatrical performance to reframe the cultural significance of the “worst album in rock and roll history.”

Having Fun with Elvis on Stage” is a 1973 album collaged entirely from Elvis speaking on stage between songs at live concerts – no music. AllMusic’s Mark Deming declared “hearing it is like witnessing a car wreck, leaving onlookers too horrified and too baffled to turn away.” Concerto for Having Fun with Elvis on Stage reimagines this vilified recording as the libretto for a sort of ghost opera, combining pop art nostalgia with new technology and classical instruments to create a memetic hologram of the endless purgatory of celebrity afterlife.

Members of the Now Hear Ensemble (Federico Llach, Brian Walsh, and Daniel Corral) will perform my original live musical score along with the original LP as if they were the pit orchestra for opera or musical theater – sometimes harmonizing with the words, painting emotions in the spaces between, or reacting theatrically. Meanwhile, Gedeon’s “Elvis” persona becomes a vehicle to explore all things banal and absurd in pop idolatry, as well as the performative aspects of ‘stage presence.’

The performance of CHFES will be preceded by a screening of Count In, a video piece by Daniel Corral that combines the voice of Poly Styrene (from 70s British punk band X-Ray Spex) with musical minimalism and colorful video. The result is a mix of Steve Reich, James Turrell, X-Ray Spex, LaMonte Young, and Sesame Street Pinball Number Counts.

October 18, 8:30pm

504 Chung King Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90012

$20 general
$15 students/seniors/Automata members

Polytope album out 9/28 via Orenda Records!

Polytope’s 15 tracks recall classic experimental electronic albums such as Terry Riley’s Shri Camel, Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II, Laurie Spiegel’s The Expanding Universe, or Eliane Radigue’s Trilogie de la Mort. Sequenza 21 called Polytope “an extraordinary piece of musical and visual art… that is both accessible and compelling,” SF Gate hailed it as “a mesmerizing visual and musical spectacle,” and The Stranger described it as “gamelan from Pluto—or maybe ’70s Philip Glass as interpreted by Harry Partch on his Cloud-Chamber Bowls.”
Check out the preview track Square 2 from Polytope!

Polytope Press

Here’s some of the press from the recent premiere and tour of Polytope :)

  • Sequenza 21: “Polytope is an extraordinary piece of musical and visual art… that is both accessible and compelling.”
  • The Stranger: “After five minutes of this silvery, undulant tintinnabulation, I was ready to evaporate into another more sparkly and stimulating dimension than the one in which we currently suffer. This piece sounds like gamelan from Pluto—or maybe ’70s Philip Glass as interpreted by Harry Partch on his Cloud-Chamber Bowls.”
  • New Classic LA (Interview) “Daniel Corral’s latest work, Polytope, premieres at Automata as part of this year’s MicroFest, who have named their season after it. We were lucky that Daniel had a minute to answer some questions about this piece…”
  • 24700: “Composer, CalArts faculty and alumnus Daniel Corral (Music MFA 07) presents the live debut of his latest release Polytope to Automata in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 18). The concert is the featured performance of this year’s MicroFest 2018.”
  • SF Gate: “A mesmerizing visual and musical spectacle”
  • MetalJazz “Musicians who know the turf”
  • The Rest is Noise Miscellany

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Polytope world premiere, March 18!

polytope square image
I hope you can join me on March 18 for the world premiere of Polytope, a microtonal multimedia piece I’ve been working on for the last year. Polytope is part of MicroFest 2018, and in fact the 2018 festival season was named after it!
I started work on Polytope in January 2017 at the Banff Centre, and am thrilled to finally premiere it. Polytope builds on my solo electronic performances Diamond Pulses and Comma, but expanded to a quartet of musicians. I’ll be joined in premiering and touring Polytope by Erin Barnes, Cory Beers, and Andrew Lessman.
Polytope world premiere
Sun, 3/18/18, 8pm
504 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012
$15 / $12 Automata members
Polytope will also play in Seattle and San Francisco:

Circle Limit III

Circle Limit III, commissioned and premiered by Los Angeles Electric 8 at Disney Hall. Photo by Carl Pocket

Circle Limit III is a guitar octet commissioned by the Los Angeles Electric 8, and premiered on November 18 at Walt Disney Concert Hall as part of Noon to Midnight. Below is some of the press from that event. A recording of Circle Limit III is coming in 2018, so stay tuned!

    • Mark Swed, LA Times ” … a stunning wall of sound as aural complement to Gehry’s steel.”
    • Sequenza 21 “…Circle Limit III, by Daniel Corral, gracefully flowed outward in a warm ambient wash. The piece was never static… with the sound rising, falling and slowly shimmering in the bright afternoon sunshine. The harmonies were lush and comforting and worked to subvert the frenetic sounds of traffic out in the street. Circle Limit III was perfectly chosen for the sidewalk and fully captured the imagination of the crowd – listening and looking down Grand Avenue became a strangely calming and unexpectedly peaceful experience.”
    • KPFK Concert premiere promo

Fall materializing!

It’s been a hectic summer, and fall concerts are slowly materializing. Much more info will be coming soon, including a performance of Refractions on dublab.comDiamond Pulses performance at Ham and Eggs, some shows in the bay area, and more!

Diamond Pulses at Boston Court, July 9

Diamond Pulses, cover art by Eron Rausch
Diamond Pulses, cover art by Eron Rausch

On July 9, Aron Kallay and Vicki Ray will perform a 2 keyboard arrangement of Diamond Pulses at Boston Court as part of DuoFest!
Diamond Pulses was originally a solo multimedia electronic piece that was released as an album on Orenda Records in 2015.
I hope to see you there!

If you’d like to hear the original version, I will be peforming it at The Island of Misfit Toys Vol. 31 (at La Cita in downtown LA) on July 4!


I’m very excited to announce that my new album Refractions will be released by Populist Records!
Refractions features performances by guitarist Jeremy Kerner, the Isaura String Quartet, and myself.
I hope you will join me on the evening of May 6 for an album release show at Automata!

front cover jpg
Refractions cover artwork by Joyce Nojima

Refractions album release show
8pm, May 6
504 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Ticket info coming soon!

Refractions is a 44 minute electro-acoustic chamber piece that expands on my 10 years of exploring the sonic and sculptural possibilities of music boxes. Composed for string quartet, electric guitar, and electronically processed music box, Refractions combines ethereal ambient electronics with contemplative acoustic timbres.
On May 6, Refractions will be performed live by guitarist Jeremy Kerner, the Koan Quartet, and myself.
I am also thrilled to have Rahman Baranghoori (vocals and violin) and Timothy Maloof (violin) perform a duo set of improvisations and songs based on Persian Mugam and Arabic Maqamat (modes).

The album features fantastic performances by guitarist Jeremy Kerner, the Isaura String Quartet, and myself.
The artwork is by Joyce Nojima, with graphic design by Jennifer Bewerse.
Refractions was recorded and mixed at Catasonic Studios, and mastered by Mulholland Music.

Refractions artwork by Joyce Nojima
Refractions artwork by Joyce Nojima

Performances in March

On March 16, Wendy Richman will perform my Diasporic Music #1: Home at Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA as part of an event organized by the Boston Microtonal Society.
Here’s a recording of Andrew McIntosh playing Diasporic Music #1: Home at the wulf.
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&inverse=false&auto_play=false&show_user=true” width=”100%” height=”20″ iframe=”true” /]

The next day on March 17, Oakwood Brass will premiere Circle Limit II, at Pasadena Presbyterian Church at 12:15pm. Circle Limit II was commissioned by Oakwood Brass.

One Line sketch

Here is a sketch of an electronic piece I’m currently working out. It uses a 7-note just intonation scale from a Lou Harrison book (basically a JI Dorian).
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=true&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

Crippled Justice #2: (44:47:50:53)

Here’s a video for a sample-based drone piece I recently made, called Crippled Justice #2 (44:47:50:53). It sounds best with headphones or through nice speakers, if you have those things available.
The name comes from Morton Feldman’s idea of “Crippled Symmetry,” but applied to the piece’s imperfect implication of just intonation. It’s the second piece like it that I’ve made.
Hopefully you don’t need this info to enjoy it, but here’s a little bit on the tuning. It’s based on a Pythagorean pentatonic chord. Each note of that chord played in 4 tight near-unisons at the ratio 44:47:50:53. Upper partials of the fundamental are also highlighted.

Diamond Pulses

I’m excited to announce Diamond Pulses, my new album! Diamond Pulses is a 32-minute musical experience combining just-tuned harmonies, driving minimalist rhythms, noisy ambiance, and electronic timbres.
It will be released as CD and download by Orenda Records on September 12. It features artwork and design by Eron Rausch, and was mastered by Daniel Rosenboom.
There will be an album release show at Automata on Sept. 12. More info on that very soon! Stream the piece here then head over to Orenda Records to buy your copy!
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1844134484 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Refractions this weekend!

I’ll be performing Refractions, a new piece for music box and electronics, twice this weekend!

Saturday night at Irisphere Visual Arts:

and Friday night at Battery Bookschandelier

Collapse, March 27-29 at REDCAT!

Hey, I will be premiering a new piece with Timur and the Dime Museum at REDCAT at the end of March! Below is info on the show. Get your tickets now!
Composed by Daniel Corral and produced by Beth Morrison Projects, COLLAPSE is a vividly sardonic show with interactive visuals and satiric songs about the environmental catastrophes caused by humans.

Envisioned as a theatrical requiem, different stories are refracted through the hauntingly eclectic sound of the four-member band through accordion/keys, bass, guitar and drums. The vibrant voice of the Kazakh-American tenor TIMUR, playing the role of Moloch, a God of human sacrifice, brings urgent dramatic figuration to laments of environmental degradation past, present and future. Composer Corral’s approach to COLLAPSE focuses on reimagining the traditional requiem form into a band-driven song cycle for the 21st century.
Live-mixed projections by the award-winning video artist Jesse Gilbert (World Technology Network fellow), and costumes of the LA fashion designer Victor Wilde of the Bohemian Society (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014), will further create a raucous portrait of the human-made impact on the planet.
Following the world-premiere at REDCAT, Collapse will travel to Miami Light Project and Operadagen Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Dislike at NOW Festival 2013!

I am excited to say that Dislike will be presented during the third week of the 2013 NOW Festival!
Dislike exposes the dark side of online anonymity and open-forum communication by constructing a libretto from commentary on YouTube’s most “disliked” video. As the eight-piece accordion orchestra Free Reed Conspiracy envelops the listener in a lush and comforting sonic world, members of The People’s Microphony Camerata speak and sing user-posted comments—a surreal text filled with anger, mischief, naivety, homophobia and desperation. Dislike is a 21st century operatic testament to the breadth of emotions swirling around the Internet.

Three Squares in the Shape of A. Pärt

Here is audio of Richard Valitutto performing my Three Squares in the Shape of A. Pärt at the Hammer Museum! Three Squares in the Shape of A. Pärt is for solo toy piano. It was presented at Richard’s Inner Child, Old Soul concert on Sept. 15, 2012 as part of Wild Up’s residency at the Museum.

PART 1: Clockwise

PART 2: Static
PART 3: Counter-clockwise
The score consists of three square images and transparencies with musical staves that are to be layed over the images. There is a variety of image/score combinations and orientations, which gives the performer a choice in how they would like to interact with the piece. Below is an example of one of those ways.


DISLIKE, 03/01 at the Electric Lodge

On March 1, I will premiere Dislike at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA!

Dislike exposes the dark side of online anonymity and open-forum communication by deconstructing 24-hours worth of comments on the most-disliked video on YouTube, the music video for Justin Beiber’s “Baby.” Members of The People’s Microphony Camerata speak and sing a text taken from comments left on the video’s YouTube page. Taken as a singular libretto, the result is a surreal text full of of anger, naivety, homophobia, desperation, and mischief. DISLIKE is a 21st century operatic documentation of a unique repository for the darker emotions swirling around the internet.
Meanwhile, members of Free Reed Conspiracy will create a post-ambient soundscape with 8 accordions.  In contrast to the extremity of the libretto, the musical accompaniment for DISLIKE creates a lush, enveloping sonic world in which one can be simultaneously comforted and disturbed by the tenacity of the text. The result is a surprising blend of Brian Eno, Robert Ashley, and Raymond & Peter’s “Shut Up, Little Man.”
Dislike is part of High Voltage, a new series at the Electric Lodge featuring new works by local LA artists. All shows are free, and start at 9pm!

ADDRESS: 1416 Electric Ave, Venice, CA 90291

X-Ray Sunsets

Happy 2013!
Timur and the Dime Museum just finished a run of shows at the forward-thinking Prototype Festival in New York, where we premiered our new album, X-Ray Sunsets! It’s currently only available at our shows, but will be more readily available soon. I wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced it, so it’s something I’m quite proud of.

There are a whole slew of musical projects coming up in the next few months, so stay tuned for more info!

LA Canon

I am excited to premiere 3 new pieces on September 30 at the wulf!
I will play one solo piece on Woodstock Chimes and 2 Casio Keyboards (an SK-5 and and SK-1). Then, Christine Tavolacci will rock a solo flute piece that we’ve been working on (part 6 of my Diasporic Music series). Finally, there will be a piece for a whole bunch of suspended cymbals and gongs, called LA Canon.
Come down and listen! It’s free, as all concerts are at the wulf!
Chimes and Casios
performed by Daniel Corral
Diasporic Music #6: Histories
performed by Christine Tavolacci
LA Canon
performed by a larger group
Here’s the wulf’s webpage for more info:

2'42" Moscow

Please enjoy this second installment of 2’42”

2’42” is an online series that reflects on the evolving nature of duration and form in this globalized new millenium.
A claim has been made that 2 minutes and 42 seconds is the perfect length for a pop song. This statement has been circling the internet, independently initiated by bloggers Joshua Allen and John Scalzi. It has been perpetuated by the likes of Boing BoingWiredNPR, and many more.
2’42” takes that statement to heart. Music written and/or recorded in cities around the world has been “corrected” to fit that “perfect pop song” length of 2:42. Each track is named after the city where its source material originated.
A single installment of 2’42” will be released online every week until further notice. As they are released, they will be available for free on sites like BandcampSoundcloudSonic SquirrelInternet ArchivesReverbnationYoutube, and Vimeo.
Previous installments of 2’42”:

2'42" Cologne

Allow me to introduce 2’42”

2’42” is an online series that reflects on the evolving nature of duration and form in this globalized new millenium.

A claim has been made that 2 minutes and 42 seconds is the perfect length for a pop song. This statement has been circling the internet, independently initiated by bloggers Joshua Allen and John Scalzi. It has been perpetuated by the likes of Boing Boing, Wired, NPR, and many more.

2’42” takes that statement to heart. Music written and/or recorded in cities around the world has been “corrected” to fit that “perfect pop song” length of 2:42. Each track is named after the city where its source material originated.

A single installment of 2’42” will be released online every week until further notice. They will be made available for free on sites like Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Sonic Squirrel, Internet Archives, Youtube, and Vimeo.

Please enjoy this first installment: Cologne

Mid-August Update

It’s been a crazy year, and I’ve got a few projects in the works right now:
• An upcoming concert at the wulf in late September
• Editing tracks for a new Timur and the Dime Museum album!
• Finishing up some old commissions
• An online music project – details to be revealed soon.
In the meantime, check out my music blog, AUSCULTATIONS, and/or listen to the studio recording of my recent puppet opera, Zoophilic Follies:


Whew, what a year!
I’ll be spending August mostly arranging/recording/editing recordings for a new Dime Museum album. Stay tuned!


If you are in LA this weekend, I strongly suggest coming down to REDCAT tonight (7/27) or tomorrow (7/28) to experience Opera Povera’s staging of Pauling OliverosFor Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation!

I will be playing accordion and conducting an amazing sextet of musicians including Eric KM Clark, David Tranchina, Christine Tavolacci, Erin Breen Armstrong, Chris Kallmyer, and Matt Barbier. On top of that, operatic soprano Julianna Snapper and performer Carolyn Shoemaker will interact with the otherworldly staging of Opera Povera artistic director Sean Griffin, including an offstage 7-person choir, various electronics, gravity-defying furniture, child actors, and much more.

It is all part of the first week of REDCAT’s NOW Festival, which also includes work by Poor Dog Group and Susan Simpson. Last night’s opening sold out, so get your tickets ASAP!

And if you are kind enough to let us bask in your imminent opulence, consider checking out Sean Griffin’s US Projects fundraiser. Every dollar pledged will be matched by the Cheswatyr Music Commissioning Fund!


Here is a nice review of the recording of Zoophilic Follies by Times Quotidian columnist Alan Berman.
“That he is comfortable drawing from the whole world of music is no surprise given his musical pursuits, nor that the results are entertaining, beautiful, and interesting.”
You can still stream the entire album online or purchase it for only $5 on Bandcamp:

A few things coming up this summer, including an awesome show this Sunday with Timur and the Dime Museum, Dorian Wood, and Maesa! Almost the whole cast of Zoophilic Follies reunited for an indelible evening of incorrigible music!
In late July, I’ll be conducting Pauline OliverosTo Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation… at REDCAT’s 2012 New Original Works Festival. Masterminded by Opera Povera impressario Sean Griffin, this will be an amazing performance!
Besides that, this summer is for regrouping and rebuilding after a long stretch of hard work… hoping to get outside and see some sunsets/sunrises, and write some music with this Dali quote in mind: “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

Zoophilic Follies album now available!

The music for the acclaimed puppet opera, Zoophilic Follies, is now available for digital download from Bandcamp (also coming soon to Reverbnation, iTunes, Amazon, etc.)! For only $5 you can have the entire piece, plus a PDF with the libretto.

“The adventurous puppet theater company Tandem and groundbreaking glam opera band Timur and the Dime Museum have joined forces in Daniel Corral’s new puppet-opera, Zoophilic Follies. With comedic relish, Zoophilic Follies, explores the lesser-known stories about the famed inventor Daedalus and illuminates how technology can give flight to our wildest dreams and gruesesome failures.”

The premiere of Zoophilic Follies boasted an all-star ensemble of talented artists! The libretto Follies was written by Sibyl O’Malley; it was sung by Timur Bekbosunov, Maesa Rae, Abby Travis, and Dorian Wood; the music was performed by Timur and the Dime Museum; Caitlin Lainoff and Danrae Wilson directed; and I wrote the music. Please give it a listen:


What a crazy fall it’s been!
Zoophilic Follies premiered at Redcat, Sigils premiered at Pianospheres – seems like I’ve been working straight since August…
Now it’s off to Kazakhstan to work with Anne Lebaron and Timur Bekbosunov on The Silent Steppe Cantata!
After that, I will be finishing up a whole slew of recording projects, including a Dime Museum album, a studio recording of Zoophilic Follies, and an album of my Diasporic Music series.
See you soon!

What's next

The NOW Festival was a blast, but alas it is over… My puppet opera, Zoophilic Follies, was a hit! We are going into the studio to make a decent recording of the music, so stay tuned for that
Last night I played a new piece for accordion and laptop that streamed live on Ear Meal! Thanks goes out to Alan Nakagawa for having me on. The video is streaming on the Ear Meal website, so check it out!
Timur and the Dime Museum will be travelling up the coast in a few weeks to perform a few shows in Seattle and Portland. More info soon!


What a great month!
A whole slew of shows went wonderfully – so good to see and hear so many people
Lots of recording over the next few months!
Timur and the Dime Museum is recording a second album, and I am also putting together an album of my Diasporic Music pieces thus far.
In the meantime, here is an mp3 of Matt Barbier premiering Diasporic Music #5: Travel, at the Donald Wright Auditorium in downtown Pasadena:

Upcoming shows

June 29
Orin Hildestad and Matt Barbier will play two of my Diasporic Music pieces at a Dogstar Orchestra concert. Orin will play #4 and Matt will play #5. They will be paired with some of Lucky Mosko’s Indigenous Music, which they were partially named after. The concert is curated by Christine Tavolacci. 8pm at Calarts’ Wild Beast.
July 1
I’ll be doing a short solo set at HM157. It will be an awesome night of solo sets by Jessica Catron, Emily Lacy, Tamala Poljak, Stefan Nelson, and Marisa Anderson. Organized by Jessica Catron
July 3
The Wulf takes over MOCA! My accordion octet, Free Reed Conspiracy, will play my Neotrope. Not only that, my giant music boxes will be on display, as well as a new card set called Excursions. Come on down from 1-4pm!


Some fun things happening this summer! Getting Free Reed Conspiracy together again to play a show at the downtown LA Library. It’s a closed event unfortunately, but some other potential shows are in the works with that group this summer…
Also, started recording a new Dime Museum album. All original songs, unlike the last one.
In the meantime, a little video of my first Max/MSP patch with a contact mic and a single music box: