Upcoming shows

June 29 Orin Hildestad and Matt Barbier will play two of my Diasporic Music pieces at a Dogstar Orchestra concert. Orin will play #4 and Matt will play #5. They will be paired with some of Lucky Mosko’s Indigenous Music, which they were partially named after. The concert is curated by Christine Tavolacci. 8pm at Calarts’ Wild Beast. July 1 I’ll be doing a short solo set at HM157. It will be an awesome night of solo sets by Jessica Catron, Emily Lacy, Tamala Poljak, Stefan Nelson, and Marisa Anderson. Organized by Jessica Catron July 3 The Wulf takes over MOCA! My accordion octet, Free Reed Conspiracy, will play my Neotrope. Not only that, my giant music boxes will be on display, as well as a new card set called Excursions. Come on down from 1-4pm!


Some fun things happening this summer! Getting Free Reed Conspiracy together again to play a show at the downtown LA Library. It’s a closed event unfortunately, but some other potential shows are in the works with that group this summer…
Also, started recording a new Dime Museum album. All original songs, unlike the last one.
In the meantime, a little video of my first Max/MSP patch with a contact mic and a single music box: