Polytope album out 9/28 via Orenda Records!

Polytope’s 15 tracks recall classic experimental electronic albums such as Terry Riley’s Shri Camel, Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II, Laurie Spiegel’s The Expanding Universe, or Eliane Radigue’s Trilogie de la Mort. Sequenza 21 called Polytope “an extraordinary piece of musical and visual art… that is both accessible and compelling,” SF Gate hailed it as “a mesmerizing visual and musical spectacle,” and The Stranger described it as “gamelan from Pluto—or maybe ’70s Philip Glass as interpreted by Harry Partch on his Cloud-Chamber Bowls.”
Check out the preview track Square 2 from Polytope!

Polytope Press

Here’s some of the press from the recent premiere and tour of Polytope 🙂

  • Sequenza 21: “Polytope is an extraordinary piece of musical and visual art… that is both accessible and compelling.”
  • The Stranger: “After five minutes of this silvery, undulant tintinnabulation, I was ready to evaporate into another more sparkly and stimulating dimension than the one in which we currently suffer. This piece sounds like gamelan from Pluto—or maybe ’70s Philip Glass as interpreted by Harry Partch on his Cloud-Chamber Bowls.”
  • New Classic LA (Interview) “Daniel Corral’s latest work, Polytope, premieres at Automata as part of this year’s MicroFest, who have named their season after it. We were lucky that Daniel had a minute to answer some questions about this piece…”
  • 24700: “Composer, CalArts faculty and alumnus Daniel Corral (Music MFA 07) presents the live debut of his latest release Polytope to Automata in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 18). The concert is the featured performance of this year’s MicroFest 2018.”
  • SF Gate: “A mesmerizing visual and musical spectacle”
  • MetalJazz “Musicians who know the turf”
  • The Rest is Noise Miscellany

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Polytope world premiere, March 18!

polytope square image
I hope you can join me on March 18 for the world premiere of Polytope, a microtonal multimedia piece I’ve been working on for the last year. Polytope is part of MicroFest 2018, and in fact the 2018 festival season was named after it!
I started work on Polytope in January 2017 at the Banff Centre, and am thrilled to finally premiere it. Polytope builds on my solo electronic performances Diamond Pulses and Comma, but expanded to a quartet of musicians. I’ll be joined in premiering and touring Polytope by Erin Barnes, Cory Beers, and Andrew Lessman.
Polytope world premiere
Sun, 3/18/18, 8pm
504 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012
$15 / $12 Automata members
Polytope will also play in Seattle and San Francisco:

Polytope coming in March

Excerpt from Polytope:

I’m very excited to announce the premiere of Polytope this coming March! Polytope is a multimedia microtonal performance for MIDI quartet.
To perform Polytope, I’ll be joined by Erin Barnes, Cory Beers, and Andrew Lessoman.
Performed entirely in darkness, it’s a mesmerizing dance of silhouettes of fingers over colorful glowing MIDI buttons, captured on live feed video and projected large and bright as a moving, visual score. Polytope is rhythmically charged in the vein of musical minimalists such as Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, or Arnold Dreyblatt, but harmonically inspired by the microtonal explorations of James Tenney, Erv Wilson, or Harry Partch. The multimedia style of presentation is somewhere between a string quartet, Kraftwerk, James Turrell, and an Indonesian dhalang (master shadow puppeteer).
Three performances of Polytope are scheduled in March:

  • Automata, Los Angeles, March 18
  • Wayward Music Series, Good Shepherd Chapel in Seattle, March 23
  • Center for New Music in San Francisco, March 25.


Circle Limit III

Circle Limit III, commissioned and premiered by Los Angeles Electric 8 at Disney Hall. Photo by Carl Pocket

Circle Limit III is a guitar octet commissioned by the Los Angeles Electric 8, and premiered on November 18 at Walt Disney Concert Hall as part of Noon to Midnight. Below is some of the press from that event. A recording of Circle Limit III is coming in 2018, so stay tuned!

    • Mark Swed, LA Times ” … a stunning wall of sound as aural complement to Gehry’s steel.”
    • Sequenza 21 “…Circle Limit III, by Daniel Corral, gracefully flowed outward in a warm ambient wash. The piece was never static… with the sound rising, falling and slowly shimmering in the bright afternoon sunshine. The harmonies were lush and comforting and worked to subvert the frenetic sounds of traffic out in the street. Circle Limit III was perfectly chosen for the sidewalk and fully captured the imagination of the crowd – listening and looking down Grand Avenue became a strangely calming and unexpectedly peaceful experience.”
    • KPFK Concert premiere promo

Fall materializing!

It’s been a hectic summer, and fall concerts are slowly materializing. Much more info will be coming soon, including a performance of Refractions on dublab.comDiamond Pulses performance at Ham and Eggs, some shows in the bay area, and more!

Diamond Pulses at Boston Court, July 9

Diamond Pulses, cover art by Eron Rausch
Diamond Pulses, cover art by Eron Rausch

On July 9, Aron Kallay and Vicki Ray will perform a 2 keyboard arrangement of Diamond Pulses at Boston Court as part of DuoFest!
Diamond Pulses was originally a solo multimedia electronic piece that was released as an album on Orenda Records in 2015.
I hope to see you there!

If you’d like to hear the original version, I will be peforming it at The Island of Misfit Toys Vol. 31 (at La Cita in downtown LA) on July 4!


I’m very excited to announce that my new album Refractions will be released by Populist Records!
Refractions features performances by guitarist Jeremy Kerner, the Isaura String Quartet, and myself.
I hope you will join me on the evening of May 6 for an album release show at Automata!

front cover jpg
Refractions cover artwork by Joyce Nojima

Refractions album release show
8pm, May 6
504 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Ticket info coming soon!

Refractions is a 44 minute electro-acoustic chamber piece that expands on my 10 years of exploring the sonic and sculptural possibilities of music boxes. Composed for string quartet, electric guitar, and electronically processed music box, Refractions combines ethereal ambient electronics with contemplative acoustic timbres.
On May 6, Refractions will be performed live by guitarist Jeremy Kerner, the Koan Quartet, and myself.
I am also thrilled to have Rahman Baranghoori (vocals and violin) and Timothy Maloof (violin) perform a duo set of improvisations and songs based on Persian Mugam and Arabic Maqamat (modes).

The album features fantastic performances by guitarist Jeremy Kerner, the Isaura String Quartet, and myself.
The artwork is by Joyce Nojima, with graphic design by Jennifer Bewerse.
Refractions was recorded and mixed at Catasonic Studios, and mastered by Mulholland Music.

Refractions artwork by Joyce Nojima
Refractions artwork by Joyce Nojima