Solo for Microtonal Electronics
and Live Feed Video

Comma is a 17-minute solo multimedia performance that combines streamlined rhythms and harmonies with colorful live feed light projections to generate an abstract narrative that is playful and linear, but also steeped in the additive processes of musical minimalism and alternate tuning systems.

Comma premiered August 4-6, 2016 at REDCAT’s New Original Works Festival 2016, featuring 30 ft. projections and 4.1 surround sound.


Comma uses a Pythagorean tuning system, which is based on stacked 3/2 intervals (just perfect fifths), and takes its name from the Pythagorean Comma. Here is the tuning system:


2016 press for Comma

New Classic LA: “Comma’s multiple paths of engagement and balanced blend of cooperative elements worked to hold audience attention consistently, slowing time against a steady stream of activity. Enthusiasm for the concluded piece reverberated palpably, as a sense of music’s abiding power to enchant and challenge was affirmed once again.” 

24700: “The compelling score is inspired by the additive process of minimalist music as grids of light turn on in response to the musician’s movements. “ 

Los Angeles Downtown News: “A minimalist musical composition using colorful, illuminated buttons on a soundboard. The dark silhouettes of his hands against the backdrop of the light show provide the visual component.”