Sextet for Similar Sounds

Video Score for Six Players
Open Instrumentation

During performance, the video should be projected where it can be seen by the six musicians and the audience


On the left side of the video, there are six black boxes in a vertical line, each with a number 1-6. The musicians should each be assigned a number 1-6, and every player should watch the corresponding box with his/her number in it.

Each of the six musicians should have 3 different sounds to play, represented in the video score by a red diamond, a green triangle, and a blue circle. The colored shapes will move horizontally across the screen from right to left. When a shape is centered in a player’s box, that musician should play the corresponding sound.


The exact instrumentation is open, as long as all of the sounds corresponding to each of the three shapes can be identical or similar in some way.

Some examples of possible sounds: 
1. Squares = arco ord; Triangles = pizz; Circles = col legno batutto
2. Squares = woodblocks; Triangles = crotales; Circles = samba whistles
3. Squares = E; Triangles = B; Circles = F#

If the sounds in each shape group are similar but not identical, then they should be arranged from low to high, with part #6 playing the lowest sound and part #1 playing the highest.


The musicians should be as spread out as space allows. Ideally, they would be arranged in a large circle, or a hexagram as it may be. If that is impossible, then they can be spread out in a line, with player #1 on stage right and player #6 on stage left.