2011 press for Sigils

LA Times: “Another work feeding on the attraction of opposites, Daniel Corral’s commanding “Sigils,”  with its  tension and symbiosis of seeming contradictions, was the recital’s strongest piece. “Sigils” boasts a fascinating — and somewhat split — personality, with its mixtures of rhythmic data-dancing systems and more visceral, clustered fistfuls-of-notes, hazy keyboard cloud activity, and a deceptive “resolving chord” (with a flatted second in the bass).

2011 press for Zoophilic Follies

LA Stage Times: “We relish the comedy involved, and also pause to consider the transcendent power of hopes so large. 

Out West Arts: “It is hard to ignore the musical energy of the piece… Zoophilic Follies cries out for further development and performances.” 

Times Quotidian: “This thrilling, precious project was as entertaining as it was unique, driven by ever-engaging songs, instrumental solos, and tight ensemble playing.”