2015 press for Diamond Pulses

Downtown Music Gallery: “Is this some sort of Kraftwerk-like nirvana? As the tempo speeds up, so does the the inner pulse and ours as well. The adrenalin is pumping and we have to hold on. The nervous energy actually feels good, invigorating. If this were slowed down, an interesting melody would appear, but that is besides the point of what is really going on. An exhilarating motorcycle ride through a cavern of endless mirrors. A good change of pace for yours truly. “ 

MetalJazz“Corral’s new Orenda Records album, ‘Diamond Pulses,’ shines with surging dynamics and subliminal microtonalisms that make for a fresh and involving experience; live visuals, too.” 

Artificialist: “It’s a nod to minimalism, I guess, but it has less affiliation with the east coast music movement than with the west coast art movement. Think of the Light and Space artists, with their hard edges and industrial materials and loud colors. All references aside, it’s a thing of beauty, a big and bright and fun object that, like all good pop, covers the tracks of its own making so you can’t think about it. You can only feel it.” 

Living Out Loud LA: “When I first listened to Diamond Pulses, it took me on a musical journey that I’ve never experienced before. Corral’s unique combination of musical influences results in a calming sound that is truly a delight to listen to. Corral is a great composer, and his expression through music transcends into something so unique that no artist can match. By any means, you need to listen to his album because it’s phenomenal.” 

New Classic LA: “Listen at home, with dedicated ears, to this strangely rigid dance meditation, a fervent solipsism with a disturbingly wild, encroaching reality. “ 

Mouser: “‘Diamond Pulses’, in its impossible myriad of creation, is quietly drawing a key to unlock the secrets of the universe.” 

David Segal: “RIYL Rod Poole’s The Death Adder and Seth Josel’s Go Guitars.” 

Alaska Dispatch News: “Daniel Corral, formerly of Eagle River and now working in Los Angeles, will release his debut solo album, “Diamond Pulses” (Orenda Records) with shows at 8 and 10 p.m. on September 12 at Automata, an L.A. alternative arts venue.” 

24700: “Diamond Pulses is a 32-minute soundscape that combines classical minimalist influences, Balinese rhythm undercurrents and modern production aesthetics. Corral counts Terry Riley, Dawn of Midi, Harry Partch and late faculty of the Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts James Tenney as key influences on the album.”

2015 press for Collapse

Vanity Fair: Can the Mississippi River dead zone ever be alluring? … the “multimedia glam-rock meets classical baroque concert” seeks to start a bold conversation about our effect on the environment

Blouin ArtInfo: Glam Rock Environmentalism

Brooklyn RailThe Rocky Horry Picture Show for the coming Apocalypse?

Gothamist: …Dark and satirical performance… 

Exeunt: When writing about the genre-defying sound of LA band Timur and the Dime Museum, you might run out of hyphens—their charming glam-rock-cabaret-punk-opera-mischievous magpie-style requires experiencing first-hand to fully appreciate the influences embedded in their eclectic approach to music.

Neat Beet: On the vanguard of both drama and rock music is Timur and the Dime Museum, an experimental rock band out of LA that aims to fuse the two together into an explosive combination.

arts.meme: an art-rock tour of the daily dump of ecological disasters, with songs composed by band member Daniel Corral

2015 press for Meditation

LA Times: “Corral’s wordless, a cappella “Meditation” enters into Ligeti territory with four singers treated to electronic feedback and mimicking what might be mistaken for an airplane in perpetual lift off. The performers looked terrified yet sounded amazing.”