2017 press for Circle Limit III

Mark Swed, LA Times ” … a stunning wall of sound as aural complement to Gehry’s steel.” 

Sequenza 21 “…Circle Limit III, by Daniel Corral, gracefully flowed outward in a warm ambient wash. The piece was never static… with the sound rising, falling and slowly shimmering in the bright afternoon sunshine. The harmonies were lush and comforting and worked to subvert the frenetic sounds of traffic out in the street. Circle Limit III was perfectly chosen for the sidewalk and fully captured the imagination of the crowd – listening and looking down Grand Avenue became a strangely calming and unexpectedly peaceful experience.” 

KPFK Concert premiere promo

2017 press for Refractions

Christian Carey “this slowly evolving piece of music is spellbinding in its execution. Rather than foregrounding the incremental shifts of material, the listener is encouraged to bask in a wash of sounds, varied and lovely timbres that are deployed with enough independence to seem to have minds of their own.” 

Sequenza 21: “The cool ambient tranquility of Refractions is a much needed antidote to the raucous confusion that infests our daily lives; this music works to elegantly recharge us in a moment of restorative calm.” 

National Sawdust Log Journal: “A sublime study in anxious stasis and fleeting repose for string quartet, electric guitar, music box, and digital treatments…” 

Textura: “The music blossoms in the most peaceful of manners… the piece… presents an ever-mutating weave of softly glimmering electronics and fluttering acoustic timbres, and as it advances the impression forms of a spacious, ambient-styled composition that’s rooted in both pre-formed structures and improvisation.” 

MetalJazz: “Open-aired, shivery…”

Avant Music News: Pick of the week 

The Rest is Noise: Nightafternight playlist of “New and recent releases of interest” 

24700: “Refractions is a 45-minute electro-acoustic chamber piece that expands on Corral’s 10 years of exploring the sonic and sculptural possibilities of music boxes” 

Talk Classical: “Experimental yet attractive new music” 

Chicago Reader: Today’s Playlist 

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2017 press for Ultramarine

Avant Scena: …very active and energetic. The composer masterly combines together extraordinary instruments  timbres, dramatic viola melodies, energetic piano solos and wide range of percussion elements.

Filippo Focosi, Kathodik: “Ultramarine by Daniel Corral returns to a frenetic pulsation, enhanced by the percussive use of the viola, but interspersed with more abstract and environmental moments. .”