Playing at The Series at Ace Hotel, 8/28

On August 28, I’ll be playing the following piece as part of Nicole Disson’s THE SERIES. Our performance will feature poetry by Mandy Kahn, and I’ll be joined in the music by Timothy Maloof, David Celia, and Eli Miller. However, there are loads of other performances throughout the evening!


I am finally going through my documentation from the last year!
Here is a 5 minute clip of Dislike, which was premiered at REDCAT’s 2013 NOW Festival! It features Free Reed Conspiracy and The Peoples Microphony Camerata.
DISLIKE is a 21st century operatic documentation of a unique repository for the darker emotions swirling around the Internet. The sinister side of online anonymity and open-forum communication is examined by deconstructing 24-hours worth of comments on the most “disliked” video on YouTube. Taken as a singular libretto, the result is a surreal text full of anger, naivety, homophobia, desperation, and mischief. Meanwhile, eight accordions create a lush, post-ambient sonic environment inspired by a time-stretched interpretation of that video’s song. The resulting dichotomy depicts the Jungian shadow of the digital collective unconscious.

Composed by Daniel Corral
Free Reed Conspiracy:
  • James Barry
  • Daniel Corral, director
  • Leah Harmon
  • Diana Hobstetter/Mrs. Hobbs
  • Chris Porter
  • Jason Savvy
  • Christoffer Schunk
  • Max Wanderman
The People’s Microphony Camerata:
  • Cynthia Paige Aaron
  • Andrew Choate
  • Rachel Finkelstein
  • Michele Jaquis
  • Andrea Sáenz