Comma at REDCAT!

I am excited to say that I will perform Comma on August 4-6 as part of New Original Works Festival at REDCAT! There will also be works by Wilfried Souly and I am a Boys Choir!
Here is an excerpt of Comma, which will feature 4-channel sound and live feed video projections!
Also, some of my music was used in the video trailer for NOW Festival 2016! Check it out:


I am finally going through my documentation from the last year!
Here is a 5 minute clip of Dislike, which was premiered at REDCAT’s 2013 NOW Festival! It features Free Reed Conspiracy and The Peoples Microphony Camerata.
DISLIKE is a 21st century operatic documentation of a unique repository for the darker emotions swirling around the Internet. The sinister side of online anonymity and open-forum communication is examined by deconstructing 24-hours worth of comments on the most “disliked” video on YouTube. Taken as a singular libretto, the result is a surreal text full of anger, naivety, homophobia, desperation, and mischief. Meanwhile, eight accordions create a lush, post-ambient sonic environment inspired by a time-stretched interpretation of that video’s song. The resulting dichotomy depicts the Jungian shadow of the digital collective unconscious.

Composed by Daniel Corral
Free Reed Conspiracy:
  • James Barry
  • Daniel Corral, director
  • Leah Harmon
  • Diana Hobstetter/Mrs. Hobbs
  • Chris Porter
  • Jason Savvy
  • Christoffer Schunk
  • Max Wanderman
The People’s Microphony Camerata:
  • Cynthia Paige Aaron
  • Andrew Choate
  • Rachel Finkelstein
  • Michele Jaquis
  • Andrea Sáenz